March 14, 2011

Middle Brother

In the world of Americana/Alt-Country/general indie rock, there isn't really a better example of a supergroup than this here. (Maybe Monsters of Folk, but that's for another post.) Collectively under the moniker of Middle Brother, they are individually the front-men of Deer Tick (McCauly), Dawes (Goldsmith), and Delta Spirit (Vasquez). Their self-titled debut is nothing radically different for any of these men, but the quality of songwriting and playing we expect from them all is most definitely here. The trio's energy is evident throughout. All contribute their signature styles to the album, and sing together on some of the songs to great success. If you're a fan of any of the individual bands it really is a great listen. As always, enjoy.

Middle Brother-"Me, Me, Me"

Middle Brother-"Mom and Dad"


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