April 12, 2011

Atmosphere - The Family Sign

Atmosphere, one of the leading voices in the independent rap world, is one of our favorite groups. For you diehard fans out there, prepare yourself for something different. The Family Sign, the new 14-song disc from Slug (MC), Ant (Producer), and two new members on guitar and keyboards, is not like any previous Atmosphere work. There is more instrumentation (2 of the songs are almost completely instrumental) and an all around bigger sound. They continue the trend of their past few albums as they move away from sampling and use more live instruments. And unlike most Atmosphere releases, a few songs just fall flat, especially "Bad Bad Daddy". As you might expect from the title, the album is all about the family unit, and the issues that arise within it. At first, fans of older Atmosphere material may be disappointed in the clear loss of Slug's attitude, his "swagger" if you will. But it is important to realize that Slug is now 38! What I think makes him still relevant is that he acts his age. He rhymes about things in his life now, not his life 20 years ago and he still has his old lyrical chops. That makes this album a logical next step in Atmosphere's discography and definitely worth getting. Enjoy!

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Atmosphere-"The Last To Say"


Atmosphere-"If You Can Save Me Now"

Atmosphere-"Something So"

Atmosphere-"My Notes"


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