April 03, 2011

Josh T. Pearson - Last of the Country Gentlemen

A man and his guitar. It's not anything new in the world of music. But Josh T. Pearson, on his first full-length solo album Last of the Country Gentlemen, succeeds in crafting beautiful, desperately sad songs that are anything but unoriginal. Each track is nothing short of an epic, with only two of the eight clocking in under seven minutes. Well-placed strings in many of the songs complement Pearson's contemplative, sorrowful tones. The album can be described as a demanding listen, but as heart-wrenching as the subject matter and the method used to convey it is, Pearson's music is altogether magnificent. As always, enjoy.

Josh T. Pearson -"Thou Art Loosed"

Josh T. Pearson -"Woman, When I've Raised Hell"


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