May 21, 2011

Fleet Foxes Fallon Performance

Hey all! Last night Fleet Foxes performed a rousing "Sim Sala Bim" on Jimmy Fallon. Check out the performance below!

May 20, 2011

Phantom Kicks

The debut EP from Phantom Kicks, Tectonics, has a sound that is difficult to describe. Imagine the huge, raw, building power of a post-rock song. Now take that power, add minimal electro moments and compress it into bite-size four-minute pieces. And there you have it: Tectonics EP from San Francisco, CA based Phantom Kicks. It would be easy to compare these guys to Explosions in the Sky or SAUR, but the Kicks get their advantage from the increased accessibility of their music. While maintaining the signature post-rock grandiosity, they have managed to set themselves apart from the pack, and in a great way. The whole EP is available for free download at the group's Bandcamp page. Check it out!

Phantom Kicks-"Cut From A Different Clay (Feat. Cameron Spies)"

Phantom Kicks-"Eyes Familiar"

May 19, 2011

Little Owl

Santa Barbara six-piece Little Owl has released their debut EP, Stories and Observations of Argus Madur, and it is quite a treat! The five songs show the group's great versatility, using synths ("Black on White") and Beirut-esque ukelele and strings ("Psalms. . ."). This EP is a strong start for a group that has huge promise. Their charming harmonies and inventive drums help craft a sound that is refreshingly new and extremely infectious. The EP is available at CD Baby here. Enjoy!

Little Owl-"Black On White"

Little Owl-"Naturally"

Little Owl-"Psalms, The Mariner In The Doldrums"

May 17, 2011

Recent Recommended Releases 5-17-2011

Dispatch - Dispatch EP
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Tinie Tempah - Disc-Overy
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Bon Iver - Bon Iver (Preorder)
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May 16, 2011

Bon Iver - Calgary

Folk god Justin Vernon has finally graced the world with a new single! The new song, "Calgary," is the first single off his upcoming self-titled album coming June 21st. It is clear from this song that the album will have a much fuller, busier sound than his previous masterpiece, For Emma, Forever Ago. Even so, it is a brilliant first look of the new disc! The song is available for free download on Bon Iver's website. Enjoy!!

Bon Iver-"Calgary"

May 15, 2011

Reviewed - Milo Greene

The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
Photo by Rachel Fidler

There is a certain feeling you get when you see a band perform, and you just know they are going to be big. I had that very distinct feeling last night for the half an hour I had the pleasure to see Milo Greene perform. The L.A. based quintet owned the crowd last night with their flawless performance. Belting perfect four-part harmonies, the group sounded even better than the recording. I wasn't aware that was possible! They performed with the refreshing excitement of a young band, still new to the live music scene and looked like they were having as much fun as the audience. One aspect of the performance that caught my attention was the lack of a specific frontman. Instead, all four of the singers had enough talent and charisma to lead the band, making the collection of them all the more powerful. The four of them constantly rotated instruments, all of them singing, and playing guitar and bass extremely fluently. They put on one of the most genuine, exciting, refreshing and purely beautiful performances I have had the pleasure of seeing. If you have the chance to see them live, jump at the opportunity. You won't regret it.

Milo Greene-"1957"

Milo Greene-"Don't You Give Up On Me"

After the show, we were able to chat with singer/guitarist/bassist Robbie Arnett and ask him a few questions about the group and where they are headed:

Write To The Beat: How did Milo Greene form?

Robbie: Andrew and I were in college together and we were playing with different bands so we collectively came up with someone to help us book shows and send out emails on behalf of our individual bands to sound a little bit more professional and that name was Milo Greene. Then I came up to LA and played with another band and Andrew went up to Sacramento and played and we stayed in touch and kept demos going and then when we started to really get going we went up there, recorded a bunch of music with Marlana, and Andrew, and they moved down here, got Graham and Curtis and that's where it all started.

WttB: Do you all share songwriting duties?

Robbie: Yeah definitely, the four of us singing up front are all songwriters, so we all just bring in ideas and flesh them out and work on the at home, sit by the computer and nerd out.

WttB: Who are your musical inspirations?

Robbie: I'm all over the place. It's hard to pin down. I like a lot of soul, old Nina Simone, and jazz singers, stuff like that. I like a lot of female vocalists. But I listen to some cheesy pop music and some cool rap and stuff like that.

WttB: What's next for you guys?

Robbie: We are going to be doing a couple shows in LA and releasing a 7" and then getting on the road.

May 14, 2011

Pickering Pick

Sam "Pickering" Pick is one of those artists that I cannot quite figure out why he isn't famous. The Sacramento, CA based singer/songwriter has released seven albums of some of the most beautiful, relaxing acoustic folk music I have ever heard. He brings to mind a slightly less sugar-coated Joshua Radin with his soothing, perfect rainy day music. All of his albums are available for download at his website. Luckily he is currently working on a new album, entitled "Tiger Balm," to be released in late June on Yer Bird Records. We at the Galley could not be more excited! Check out Pickering Pick. You won't regret it!

Pickering Pick-"Sparkling Thing"

Pickering Pick-"My Dreams Are All My Own"

Pickering Pick-"Shine"

May 11, 2011

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math

This has already been a fantastic year for new music, and with Manchester Orchestra's brand new release, Simple Math, it has become so much better. The relatively young band from Atlanta, Georgia has jumped leaps and bounds ahead of their previous releases with this nearly perfect ten-song set. It has always been difficult to pigeonhole the group's sound into one genre. This album continues the trend, displaying a delicious melange of the sounds of rock, folk, and even a pinch of punk and metal. On this album there are surprisingly no weak links. Every song is filled with passion and hits just as hard as the next. Singer Andy Hull's voice is incredible the whole album through, sounding beautifully vulnerable as a man suddenly unsure. Simple Math is a concept album about a man who begins to question all that has previously been sure in his life. The only thing I am questioning now is how they will ever be able to top this.

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Manchester Orchestra-"Deer"

Manchester Orchestra-"Pensacola"

Manchester Orchestra-"Simple Math"

Manchester Orchestra-"Virgin"

Simple Math Music Video

May 10, 2011

Recent Recommended Releases 5-10-2011

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math
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Manchester Orchestra-"Simple Math"
Manchester Orchestra-"Pensacola"

The Lonely Island - Turtleneck & Chain
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The Lonely Island-"Threw It On The Ground"

Okkervil River - I Am Very Far
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Okkervil River-"Wake And Be Fine"

The Felice Brothers - Celebration, Florida
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Raphael Saadiq - Stone Rollin'
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May 09, 2011

Grieves - On The Rocks

Grieves has continued to tease us with exciting singles from his upcoming album, Together/Apart. And he has now released another hot one! The newest single, "On The Rocks," has a slightly different sound than his previous material, but in no way is it worse. In fact, it's awesome! Check it out!

Grieves-"On The Rocks"

Radio Playlist #6: The Security Dilemma

Last night was the final show of the semester. It went really well, tons of great stuff to check out. Listen below!

The Security Dilemma-Show #6

Vids Worth A View #4

Here is an excellent music video from Manchester Orchestra. This is the title track for their album Simple Math, coming out this Tuesday. Enjoy and get excited for the full album!

May 08, 2011

Nodding By The Fire

Nodding by the Fire, a four-piece instrumental group from Spain, are the kind of group whose name perfectly describes their sound. This is perfect campfire music. Their songs are simple, but in an extremely charming way, and no doubt beautiful. While they only have about forty minutes of music available to the public, it is easy to listen to on repeat and just let it sooth you. Luckily, all of their music is available for free on their Bandcamp page. Check it out!

Nodding By The Fire-"I'll Tell You A Story"

Nodding By The Fire-"The Brave Mountaineers"

May 07, 2011

Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes, led by guitarist/singer Robin Pecknold, are a Galley favorite. So needless to say we were quite excited about their new album, Helplessness Blues. We had heard that the album was difficult for the group to create, taking almost two years to record. The process was especially taxing on Pecknold, who reportedly was close to scrapping the entire thing and starting again from scratch. God we're glad he didn't.

Helplessness Blues is an instant classic. It's full of some of the most rich, full, absolutely beautiful folk music we've had the privilege to experience. The sound is timeless while maintaining its relevance. Pecknold takes leaps and bounds forward in his songwriting with these 12 perfectly crafted, pastoral beauties. The melodies soar, backed by strings, the group's trademark harmonies, and an odd saxophone every now and again. This is one of the most gorgeous albums we at the Galley have heard in a long time, and an absolute must listen for music fans. Period.

Buy it: Helplessness Blues

Fleet Foxes-"Battery Kinzie"

Fleet Foxes-"Someone You'd Admire"

Judgement Day

Last week, when I saw Pinback perform, I had failed to do any research on the opening band, Judgement Day, so I kept low expectations. But very soon after the Oakland based trio took the stage, my mind was blown. Playing their own brand of metal on violin and cello, the Patzner brothers, accompanied by drummer Jon Bush, rocked the crowd with their lively set. When I think of metal played on strings, I think of Apocalyptica, a group of Scandinavian cellists that got famous by covering Metallica songs and now collaborate with prominent metal singers. But now, thanks to the famous singers and Apocalyptica's growing popularity, the cellos have taken a supporting role. Judgement Day is exactly the opposite. The trio creates a larger than life sound, while keeping the strings in front, and manages to sound like a full band. All of their albums are available on their Bandcamp and they recently recorded a session at Daytrotter that is free to download here. Check them out! You won't regret it!

Judgement Day-"Peacocks/Pink Monsters"

Judgement Day-"Genosha"

May 05, 2011


Hailing from Portugal, post-rock group SAUR has put its name among the titans of the genre, Explosions in the Sky with their debut, self-titled EP. Thankfully, they set themselves apart with more electronic manipulation of their sound, while keeping the grandiose, building feel of instrumental post-rock. If you are a fan of Explosions in the Sky or Mogwai, you will be a fan of SAUR. And look at that album cover. How could you not love that? The full EP is available for free download here!

SAUR-"Alien Dinosaur Explosion"

SAUR-"Black Is White, Left Is Right"

Robotic Pirate Monkey - Peaches

Robotic Pirate Monkey, an up-and-coming electronic group from Colorado, make exciting, heavy remixes of very unexpected songs. A recent favorite of mine is off their brand new EP, Sidetracked. It is a remix of "Peaches" by The Presidents of The United States of America. I love the original song and I think the remix does it heavy electronic justice!

Robotic Pirate Monkey-"Peaches"