May 07, 2011

Judgement Day

Last week, when I saw Pinback perform, I had failed to do any research on the opening band, Judgement Day, so I kept low expectations. But very soon after the Oakland based trio took the stage, my mind was blown. Playing their own brand of metal on violin and cello, the Patzner brothers, accompanied by drummer Jon Bush, rocked the crowd with their lively set. When I think of metal played on strings, I think of Apocalyptica, a group of Scandinavian cellists that got famous by covering Metallica songs and now collaborate with prominent metal singers. But now, thanks to the famous singers and Apocalyptica's growing popularity, the cellos have taken a supporting role. Judgement Day is exactly the opposite. The trio creates a larger than life sound, while keeping the strings in front, and manages to sound like a full band. All of their albums are available on their Bandcamp and they recently recorded a session at Daytrotter that is free to download here. Check them out! You won't regret it!

Judgement Day-"Peacocks/Pink Monsters"

Judgement Day-"Genosha"


Tyler said...

I totally agree! The pedal effects that Anton uses on his violin really bring the sound to a different level. Also, Judgement Day's sound is more cohesive, like they were meant as actual metal songs, not like Apocolyptica's cello concertos with the drums thrown in as an afterthought...

And Pinback is an amazing band. I wish I had seen this tour!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed them when they came through Denver (they'll probably never forgive me) but I try to see them most times they're through town. Their creativity as a trio is enormous. Anton, Lewis and Jon are amazing. Thanks for getting the word out on this unique metal band.

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