May 20, 2011

Phantom Kicks

The debut EP from Phantom Kicks, Tectonics, has a sound that is difficult to describe. Imagine the huge, raw, building power of a post-rock song. Now take that power, add minimal electro moments and compress it into bite-size four-minute pieces. And there you have it: Tectonics EP from San Francisco, CA based Phantom Kicks. It would be easy to compare these guys to Explosions in the Sky or SAUR, but the Kicks get their advantage from the increased accessibility of their music. While maintaining the signature post-rock grandiosity, they have managed to set themselves apart from the pack, and in a great way. The whole EP is available for free download at the group's Bandcamp page. Check it out!

Phantom Kicks-"Cut From A Different Clay (Feat. Cameron Spies)"

Phantom Kicks-"Eyes Familiar"


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