May 14, 2011

Pickering Pick

Sam "Pickering" Pick is one of those artists that I cannot quite figure out why he isn't famous. The Sacramento, CA based singer/songwriter has released seven albums of some of the most beautiful, relaxing acoustic folk music I have ever heard. He brings to mind a slightly less sugar-coated Joshua Radin with his soothing, perfect rainy day music. All of his albums are available for download at his website. Luckily he is currently working on a new album, entitled "Tiger Balm," to be released in late June on Yer Bird Records. We at the Galley could not be more excited! Check out Pickering Pick. You won't regret it!

Pickering Pick-"Sparkling Thing"

Pickering Pick-"My Dreams Are All My Own"

Pickering Pick-"Shine"


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