July 02, 2011

Pickering Pick - Tiger Balm

Ballad-master Sam "Pickering" Pick is at it again! Last week, Yer Bird Records released Tiger Balm, Pick's latest collection of perfect acoustic rainy day music. For fans of Mr. Pick, this album is less a departure from his previous work than it is a refinement. The ten tracks are consistent, carefully crafted, quiet, catchy acoustic tunes. The difference here is the collection of the album as a whole. The tracks are more connected and Tiger Balm feels more like a cohesive work of art than his previous albums. For those of you who are not familiar with Pickering Pick, you can read our original post on him here and stream his previous albums on his website. For new listeners I recommend starting with either Tiger Balm, or his last offering, The Boy In The Back. Enjoy!

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Pickering Pick-"Your Sleeping Dog"

Pickering Pick-"Like A River"

Pickering Pick-"In The End"