October 16, 2011

Ryan Adams-"Ashes & Fire"

It's been a long time since Ryan Adams released a record. Or at least since he released one that isn't metal. Ashes & Fire, his latest work, has been billed by some as his "return to music." But even one listen in, it's hard to imagine he ever left. The 11 tracks are seamless. They're lyrically introspective and meaningful, yet so easy. Each song is refreshingly simple in instrumentation, with hints of organ and consistently tender piano accompanying Adams' faithful acoustic guitar (plus drums and bass). The album is seemingly over in the blink of an eye, leaving you longing for more and instantly ready to start it over and savor again. I've been a Ryan Adams fan for years. But I have to say it. This is my favorite work of his yet. Buy it now, and savor the "return" of one of music's most gifted artists.

Ryan Adams--"Dirty Rain"

Ryan Adams--"Lucky Now"


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