January 08, 2012

Of Monsters And Men

Of Monsters And Men, undoubtedly the next big thing to come out of Iceland, have acquired a range of very flattering nicknames, ranging from "New Arcade Fire" to "Iceland's Mumford and Sons". The six-piece folk band from Reykjavik truly deserves all the attention. Their sound, with trading male/female vocals can be easily compared to a less hippy-ish Edward Sharpe, but also with a feel that could only come from somewhere with brutal winters. They have recently gained some attention stateside and are in the process of recording their American debut (Their debut in Iceland, My Head Is An Animal, was released in September). Their debut EP, Into The Woods, is an excellent four-song taste of the greatness that will surely come from this group. Take a listen!

Of Monsters And Men-"Little Talks"

Of Monsters And Men-"Six Weeks"


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