January 30, 2012

Take Care - Somewhere Safe

         After carefully honing their sound, and launching an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign to fund recording, Take Care has finally released their debut album, Somewhere Safe. The Boston-based group, led by brothers Kyle and Dan Joseph, has crafted an album that has kept me coming back and listening again and again. On the album, the brothers find a sound that, while combining many familiar elements, succeeds in forging new ground. Jazzy interludes lead into catchy pop hooks and soaring synths with superb percussion throughout.
         While overall a fairly poppy set of songs, each track reminds you not to jump to conclusions too quickly, and keeps you guessing the whole time. A song that reminded me of a happier version of The Strokes, was followed by a track with Bon Iver-like vocal harmonies. The group displays a wide variety of styles, each one better than the last. This album falls perfectly between its influences and something brand new. It ends up showing obvious influence from a broad selection of sounds while maintaining strong originality. It is not very often that a group comes along with a sound that you can truly call new. Take Care is one of those groups. Take a listen and enjoy!

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Take Care-"Lockjaw"

Take Care-"Orphan"


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