February 26, 2012


Between the years of 2003 and 2006, C2C, a group of French DJs reigned supreme by winning the DMC World Team DJ Championship four years in a row. Years later, the quartet has reappeared with their first attempt at producing original music, the Down The Road EP. The EP is one of the most exciting debuts of electronic music I have ever heard. The five tracks all showcase different aspects of their songwriting and feature soul samples, infectious beats, and good old record scratches. The title track, "Down The Road," has been on repeat in my headphones for a solid week now, and I personally challenge any reader of this to listen it without wanting to dance. It is impossible! They even scratch up a harmonica solo! Enjoy the track and take a look at their creative and visually spectacular music video for "F.U.Y.A." below.

C2C-"Down The Road"


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