February 22, 2012

Dub Fx

Dub Fx is not your average street performer. The Australian beatboxer/singer does not perform with any instruments, instead making his entire songs with only his voice. By running his voice through an effects pedal and a looping station, he is able to make beautiful hip-hop/reggae tracks that are much fuller than one would imagine.

A few years ago, after I saw a YouTube video (below) of Dub Fx performing one of his tracks, "Made," on the street, I became captivated by this extremely driven, and now hugely popular busker. The other day, I stumbled upon another video (below) that gave a very informative introduction to the mysterious artist. His socially concerned tracks on his debut album, Everythinks A Ripple, blend heavy bass with reggae beats and introspective raps, all done with his voice of course. Check him out!

Dub Fx-"The Rain Is Gone"


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