February 28, 2012

Plants and Animals - The End Of That

Canadian rockers Plants and Animals are back with their third full length, The End Of That. With this effort, the group solidly continues along their modern, classic rock path, not straying too far away from their roots. The first track, "Before," showcases the group's soft side, while hard-hitters like "Why & Why" and "Control Me," show the fellows loosening up a bit. The lead single, "Lightshow," is clearly the standout track, bringing all the trio's sounds together. The rest of the album, especially "2010," a seemingly very forced song about the end of the year, stumbles. Propelled by the strong single, the album is worth a listen, but "Lightshow," and the great music video for it, provide the listener with the best four minutes of the disc. Unfortunately, this does not seem like a step forward for the group, yet it is unlikely to drive any fans away. The End Of That isn't actually the end of anything. It is simply a sidestep. 

Plants and Animals-"Why & Why"


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