April 05, 2012

Bright Moments

Bright Moments, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Kelly Pratt, is really a combination of some of the greatest indie sounds of the last decade. Pratt, between touring with Arcade Fire, Beirut, and LCD Soundsystem as a horn player, began recording demos utilizing the help of all the talented musicians he surrounds himself with. The poppy record that came out, Natives, grows with each listen. It is soon clear that Pratt is extremely detail oriented and creative, sampling live bats on "Milwaukee Protocol," and bathtub splashing on "Traveling Light". The songs are filled with lively synths, and resounding brass melodies. While readily taking influence from the indie titans he performs with, Pratt thankfully forges his own path, and quite a beautiful one at that.

Bright Moments-"Milwaukee Protocol"

Bright Moments-"Lightning"


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