April 23, 2012

Town Hall - Roots & Bells

After the barrage of inventive cover videos and the fantastic EP Town Hall had released, I knew that their debut full length would be a treat. But I was definitely not prepared for exactly what was released last week: one of the most promising folk-pop albums I have heard in a long time. The New York trio of youngsters crafts a uniquely charming brand of folk that makes you want to be their friend and curl up inside their tunes. Powered by the soft harmonies of Stefan Weiner and Phoebe Ryan, and the intricate yet delicate guitar work of Jesse Kranzler, their debut album, Roots & Bells, shows incredible promise. Both voices are beautifully tender, and when combined, weave into the music gently, creating something calming, and captivating.

Although the Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps EP introduced their great sound, they saved some of their finest for the album. "Fix This House" showcases Ryan's stunning Joanna-Newsom-but-less-abrasive voice, as well as the group's creative rhythmic choices. "Mary A. Longden" is the perfect album opener, combining all the members' skills and entertaining lyrics about a woman's mysteriously smooth skin. "Food" is proof enough that Weiner could lead any group with his voice alone, but "Small" says the same exact thing about Ryan. If I haven't convinced you to buy this album yet, let the music do the talking. You won't be disappointed.

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Town Hall-"Mary A. Longden"
Town Hall-"Fix This House"


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