May 17, 2012

Guide To Sasquatch: Bands You Can't Miss

We at Write to the Beat will be headed to the Gorge in George this Memorial Day Weekend to experience the Sasquatch Music Festival! With the fest approaching, we figured it would be time to share with you the bands we are most excited to see, as well as the ones we suggest you check out before the fest. Here goes:

The Headliners

Pretty Lights, filling the top slot on Friday, is one of electronic music's giants, and probably the one that will appeal the most to Sasquatch attendees. The Colorado-based producer integrates soul, funk, and jazz samples into his sets, making his music quite a bit more sophisticated than most DJs'. Also, with the gorgeous Columbia River in the background, his performance will be all the more fascinating and should include (you guessed it) very pretty lights.

Saturday's lineup is topped by Jack White, one of the biggest forces in rock music in the last decade. Sasquatch will be one of his first solo shows ever, and he should be busting out some old White Stripes favorites, Raconteurs tracks, and new material off his recent album Blunderbuss. Whatever he ends up playing, it will surely be an exciting set.

Bon Iver's performances are mesmerizing to begin with, and The Gorge has a way of making beautiful performances even more surreal. Justin Vernon's falsetto ringing throughout the amphitheater will definitely make a memorable experience. Especially with Vernon saying that it may be at least a few years before the next album from the group, I would recommend seeing them while you still can.

Beck hasn't released an album since 2008's Modern Guilt, but with tracks on two recent movie soundtracks, it is possible that something big may be in the works. I expect his set at The Gorge to be filled with his many classics, as well as possibly a peek at a very exciting future.

Tenacious D

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have been dormant for quite a while, until they announced their Sasquatch! appearance and a new album on the same day. One of America's finest comedy musical groups, the D is sure to end the weekend with raucous laughter in their great slot that has them opening for Beck. Be prepared to hear new tracks from their brand new work, Rize of the Fenix, as well as their enormous hit, the greatest song ever made, "Tribute."

The Head and the Heart

The Seattle-based folk group has blown up since their appearance at Sasquatch last year, a feat that is noted by how far they have moved up in the billing. Having seen the five-piece multiple times, I can truly say that they never disappoint. Especially in their native Northwest, expect them to draw an enormous crowd and put on one of the most lively sets of the weekend. You are guaranteed to have fun during their show, and if you don't, you can blame me.

The Civil Wars

I have seen John Paul White and Joy Williams of The Civil Wars perform twice now, and I can truly say that they are quite a spectacle. Their voices are as perfect as can be, and their live sound far exceeds the beauty already present on their record. One of the biggest breakout artists of the last year, they are sure to mesmerize the entire crowd with their fantastic harmonies and some of the best stage banter you can hear these days.


Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein will feel right at home in the Pacific Northwest, the exact local the duo lovingly pokes fun at in their hit TV series. They are sure to bring some great self-deprecating humor to the Gorge, and knowing them, may have some great guests up their sleeve. Who knows what their live show will have in store, but I can't wait. Unfortunately, with their schedule slot overlapping Alabama Shakes AND The Civil Wars, none of the three acts is likely to get the crowd they deserve.

The list of great acts coming to The Gorge this year goes on and on. The next part of our guide to Sasquatch will include some lesser known acts to check out before you arrive!

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