May 21, 2012

Guide To Sasquatch: Set-Time Conflicts and What To Do

One of the biggest drawbacks of any large festival is that it is impossible to see all the acts. This year, Sasquatch, with five stages including the new "Maine" Stage, has its fair share of difficult conflicts. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy examples and a little help choosing where to go.

Yellow Ostrich vs. HoneyHoney

Our Pick: Either group will be a fantastic kick-off to the weekend. Having seen Yellow Ostrich a few times, I will be at the Yeti Stage with HoneyHoney. If you haven't seen either one, Yellow Ostrich wins by a hair.

Girl Talk vs. Explosions In The Sky vs. Beats Antique

Our Pick: This choice completely depends on how you want to dance. Each of these acts are likely to put you in some sort of trance. Girl Talk will keep you dancing your ass off all night, Explosions in the Sky will wow you with their epic post-rock glory, and Beats Antique will amaze you with their exotic electro-world beats. We say catch the beginning of Girl Talk, then hop on over to Beats Antique if you want to keep dancing, or Explosions in the Sky if you're ready to wind down.

The Civil Wars vs. Alabama Shakes vs. Portlandia

Our Pick: This is a tough one. Considering it is primarily a music festival, I would suggest either The Civil Wars of Alabama Shakes. Having seen The Civil Wars twice, I will be watching the Shakes, but either way, you are guaranteed to be blown away. There's really no wrong choice here.

Kurt Vile vs. Dry The River vs. Sol

Our Pick: If you are a fan of soul-rap: Sol. If you want to hear a British group's take on folk with hardcore influences: Dry The River. If you do not fit in the first two categories: Kurt Vile

Hey Marseilles vs. Greylag

Our Pick: Hey Marseilles. It's a bummer to miss Greylag, but Hey Marseilles, with their huge orchestral sound are sure to be a hit. Also, their slot at noon on Sunday gives fans a chance to see them away from the evening crowds.

Bon Iver vs. James Murphy

Our Pick: Bon Iver. Do we really need to explain? James Murphy may be an icon, but he will still be up on stage turning knobs. We suggest laying down on the lawn, staring up at the night sky, and letting Justin Vernon's falsetto sweeten your Sunday evening.

Beck vs. Mogwai vs. Nero

Our Pick: Some of everything. Luckily, Mogwai and Nero both begin their sets half an hour before Beck's. Mogwai have announced that this tour will be their last before an extended hiatus, so if you're a fan, this may be your last chance to see the Scottish crew for a while. Nero is likely to pack the Banana Shack more than anyone this weekend, and with good reason. We recommend catching the beginning of either Mogwai or Nero, heading over to Beck for a while, and if it is not to your liking, you have two great shows to go back to!

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muzikmuzik said...

wolfgang gartner vs jack white....I'd have to go with Jack White but I think those are conflicting sets for sure

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