July 20, 2012

Julia Easterlin

Thank goodness looping technology exists, because one of Julia Easterlin's voice is not enough. The indie-pop singer uses a loopstation to build full, multi-part works out of nothing. She is one part Regina Spektor, one part Tune-Yards, and a dash of Feist. A pretty sweet combo, I know. While her recorded tracks are fun, bouncy pop with a sense of adventure, her music really comes to life in person. Watching her build up her tracks one layer at a time is fascinating, like watching a piece of artwork take shape from a blank canvas.

Last night I saw her brief performance at The Bitter End in New York, NY. While the venue was pretty ill-suited to such a quiet show, she made me a devoted fan in about 30 seconds. Her voice is so precise that she layered all her songs in only one take. And backed by tight drums and bass, her sound grew far more powerful. Her cover of the Pixes track "Break My Body" was a definite stand out, as was "Eyes On The Prize," a track you can download for free right here! Enjoy!


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