July 12, 2012

Reviewed: Dylan Owen

Gramercy Theater, New York, NY

Ever since I downloaded Dylan Owen's latest EP, Keep Your Friends Close, I have been intrigued by the young MC's poetic, powerful rhymes. He has wisdom beyond his years, and a focused seriousness that is hard to find in any musician these days. Last night at the Gramercy Theater, his performance seemed to polarize the audience a bit, separating those with more sophisticated taste from those in attendance simply to hear headliner Watsky crack some jokes. While not everybody seemed prepared for Owen's intense subject matter, those who were were likely thinking the same thing I was: this kid is damn good. 

Opening with the heart-stopping "Bookmarks," Owen plowed through his unfairly short 30 minute set with grace, charisma, and focus. He mostly stuck to his new material, yet he also played a few fan favorites from his previous album, Senioritis. When Owen threw wristbands out into the crowd, an attendee in front of me hit me in the eye trying to grab one. At a normal concert, that would make me pretty pissed, and distract from the music for a minute. But not this time. Not even a hit to the face could take me away from Owen's poetry. 

Listen to the whole EP below and remember, you can download the entire thing for free right here


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