December 18, 2012

The Best of Everything Else in 2012

Not everything fits perfectly into a category for this end of the year stuff. Here is all the rest!

Band I Re-Fell In Love With:

Givers. How could you not fall in love with those cute youngsters! At Sasquatch last year I was blown away by the energy of the Louisiana group I had previously failed to notice. But after listening to their debut album, In Light, I felt as if the music lost a lot of its punch on record. Fortunately, I gave them another chance this year. I saw them live again (awesome yet again), and they instantly recaptured my heart.

Saw You First by GIVERS

The Best Rap Collaboration:

3 Kings. Featuring Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, and Jay-Z

The Best Stage Banter:

Strand of Oaks' Timothy Showalter: "I know I look like a homeless person"

Best Venue: Le Poisson Rouge, NYC

Rap Lines That Made Me Think Twice:

Nas on "Loco-Motive" - "Nas must have naked pictures of God or something"

Kanye West on "Clique" - "My girl a superstar all from a home movie"

Our Favorite Lists of the Year:

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The Thing We Can't Get Enough Of:

People rapping over TNGHT. Even if the rap isn't great, it sounds so so good.


Weirdest Thing Ever:

Lil' B releasing a song credited to his cat, Keke.

Also, remember when Lil' B released an 855-song freestyle mixtape? That's 4.9 GB of music. Tracklist here.

Biggest Disappointment:

The Morning Benders' new sound as POP ETC. Last year, "Excuses" became one of my favorite jams/sing-alongs. So when I heard The Morning Benders were working on new material I was pretty eager to hear what they were coming up with. When they changed their name, however (a decision I respect quite a lot), they also altered their formula. Gentle harmonies were replaced with cheesy synths and almost all emotion faded away. Personally, I'm hoping this was all a big experiment and they'll do a u-turn next time.


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