January 24, 2013

Ellie Goulding - Attack of the Bras

When I imagine a show at which dozens of bras are thrown on stage, I imagine Dave Navarro, or a band like Kiss. But last night at the House of Blues in Boston, Ellie Goulding was the recipient of even more intimates than your average hair metal group would expect. Maybe the girls simply wanted to maintain an ounce of attention at a show where every gaze was focused on Goulding. Who knows.

Anyways, the charming British pop princess tore through a diverse set that focused on her heavy electro-tinged new album, but managed to squeeze in her debut album's hits, and her gorgeous cover of Elton John's "Your Song." Her new songs hit hardest and had the crowd dancing as much as they could given the little room they had. Thanks to her huge singles, Goulding has transformed from an acoustic singer-songwriter into an electro-pop champion. Luckily, she does not leave her other songs behind, often not releasing her strongest tracks as singles. That quality has allowed her albums to be strong all the way through, easily preventing the one-hit-wonder status that I feared after "Lights" took off. With an ever-growing fan base in the States and a solid one across the pond, I wouldn't be surprised if next time she came to town, it was in an arena.


Anonymous said...

Such a good show!!

madin said...

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