January 21, 2013

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Love Ben Gibbard

1. That voice. What is it about that voice that I love so much? If you think about it (and listen to it objectively), his crooning is not always all that easy on the ears. But it works, kind of like Bob Dylan (but not that extreme).

2. This music video, for his new solo single, “Teardrop Windows.” Let’s face it, if he tried to be a “bad boy” in real life, the end result would most likely be the same as in this clip.

3. The fact that he can poke fun at himself, as evidenced by reason #2.

4. Only Benjamin Gibbard could pull off a hairstyle I haven’t seen on a male since the fourth grade.

5. Saying his name out loud is enough to entertain you for at least five minutes. Test it out. It’s fun to say. I promise.

6. His witty and slightly awkward stage banter.

7. The fact that he is able to pull off a feat that not many other musicians in a band can pull off: a solo album that not only holds its own but could arguably rival selected works of the band’s discography.

8. I Will Follow You Into The Dark. Try to listen to that song without getting goosebumps and/or starting to cry. I dare you.

9. His penchant to always seem more or less oblivious to time and space.

10. Watching him clamber behind a piano on stage, basked in a blue-green half light, and serenade the crowd without missing a single chord.

11. This.

-Kaitlin Deveau
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