February 23, 2013

The Milk Carton Kids

If You Like: Tyler Lyle, Ben Sollee, Bryan John Appleby

The Milk Carton Kids play the kind of folk that makes you want to cuddle up in your bed and dream of home. Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale of Eagle Rock, CA conjure up quiet alt-country tunes so bittersweet that it sometimes sounds like the singers themselves might start tearing up. On their debut studio album, Prologue, they sing songs of the road and heartbreak, incorporating two minimal guitars and soothing harmonies. Luckily, they are no one-trick-ponies, livening things up just when you start to think calm is all they can do. They have recently been on the road with The Lumineers and Punch Brothers and are set to release their next record, The Ash & Clay, on March 26th. You can download their first two albums for free via their website.

Milk Carton Kids-"Michigan"


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