March 04, 2013

Reviewed: Milo Greene

The Sinclair, Boston, MA
Photos by Kaitlin Deveau

I can confidently call myself a Milo Greene veteran. I have been with them since the beginning, and since hearing the first strums of "1957" off their Hello Sessions a few years ago, they have held a special place in my heart. Last night at The Sinclair, I saw them for the third time live, and boy have they improved. While they have always had a certain casual charm live, this time they turned that charm into visual, visceral passion that made their show louder, tighter, and all-around better. They no longer sounded like rookies; they are road-worn performers who know how to knock a crowd's socks off.

The LA-natives sold out the venue, their first stop on a month-long Eastern-US trek, and brought their A-game. Aside from some oddly stiff stage banter from Marlana (is Boston really your favorite city? I didn't buy it), the night went off without a hitch. One of the things I always love of about the group is their ability to seamlessly trade instruments and lead vocal duties for almost every song. Everyone on stage last night could be a frontman of their own band, and when combined, their powers multiply. While it was no surprise that they played their entire WTTB best of 2012 debut album, they also packed in a spot-on chant-worthy version of Sufjan Steven's "Chicago" and a lively rendition of Wilco's "A Shot In The Arm." A personal highlight came when they ended their set with "1957," my absolute favorite song of 2012. Even though this was not my first time seeing the group, they managed to keep things fresh and are lively enough that I wasn't bored for one moment. Well done guys!

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Overheard at the show: 
A woman to her friend: "What are you doing? Get off the floor!"
Her friend: "Shut up! I'm texting my future husband!"


Anonymous said...

I've never seen them live, but late one night in a hotel I caught them on axis tv and other than enjoying their performance the biggest take away was that Marlana is super awkward in those kinds of settings. Truly excruciating interview. On a lighter note, glad to see them doing so well!

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