April 04, 2013

Reviewed: Frightened Rabbit

House of Blues, Boston, MA

"Who wants to see me down this whiskey?" That was perhaps the most popular moment of the night as Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison took advantage of Boston's avid alcohol fervor. The drinking was not out of place, however. The Scotsmen are well known for making some of the most raw, honest, powerful, and painfully sad music out there. While the music may bring to mind heart-wrenching breakups and lonely nights, Mr. Hutchison, charming accent in tow, provided the most entertaining, hilarious, and lively stage banter I have heard in quite some time. It makes me want to go to Scotland just to meet people like this every day.

While the night started off terribly, with a horrifically tedious subway debacle, causing me to miss opener Wintersleep's entire set, Frightened Rabbit did an awfully good job making up for it. The guys have an extremely rabid fan base, one that is familiar with all four of their albums. A recent devotee, I primarily know their latest Pedestrian Verse, an album that took me by surprise and inspired me to delve into their catalog. They filled about about a third of the night with new cuts, but also featured quite a bit of their critically-acclaimed breakout album, The Midnight Organ Fight. The new material fit in seamlessly with the classics, incorporating their trademark huge emotional swells and poetry-like lyrics. While many groups tend to bore the audience with long-winded chats, Hutchison's words are what made the night something special. He provided astute narration and a character that allowed us to put the songs in context.

Frightened Rabbit-"The Woodpile"


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