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April 16, 2014

Sye Elaine Spence

If You Like: Kimberly Anne, Chad VanGaalen, The Tallest Man On Earth

This music is very timid, simple, and bass-less. Unlike most low-end-obsessed artists these days, Atlanta singer-songwriter Sye Elaine Spence keeps things old fashioned with her debut Bloom EP. The four-track offering is a great introduction to her beautiful brand of folk music. On the title track, her powerful voice weaves over a twangy banjo, and "Is This Love" proves that she's more than capable of producing a great cover as well. Her unique voice and the lovely slowness of the songs make this an EP that is definitely worth paying attention to. Luckily for all of us, the EP (minus the cover) is free to download from her Soundcloud page

August 12, 2013

Stefan Weiner - Potluck

If You Like: Town Hall, Gregory Alan Isakov, Blind Pilot

If you're an avid reader of this blog, you may recognize the name and face of Stefan Weiner. Not so long ago (and hopefully still!), he fronted the New York folk group Town Hall, making some of the cutest, most soothing folk music around. Weiner's voice was always one of the best things about the group; it is easy to like, yet not ordinary enough to pass by unnoticed. 

Now, with his new solo EP, Potluck, Weiner expands upon his sound, collaborates with some old and new friends, and has created one of the most interesting folk releases of 2013. While some of the tracks like "Fearful Lullaby" and "Say I'm Strong (feat. Phoeby Ryan)" sound at first like classic Town Hall, he grows these songs far beyond what the trio has ever done. A veritable orchestra helps back him up on many of the songs, resulting in a huge sound, the whole time led by fearless captain Weiner.

"Frozen Ground" was the biggest surprise for me. This song is the closest thing to a lively pop song that he has done so far, and it works so so well. If there is one song on this EP that will get him noticed, it is this one. It is catchy, charming, interesting, and just about anything anyone could want from a pop track. Strings weave in and out as his voice is taken to its limits. He rarely sings this loud, but that doesn't mean he can't. The rest of the tracks show his astounding diversity. Hints of jazz, blues, soul, and classical pop up all over the place and make you sure that this guy will not be pigeonholed. 

The album has just been released on Bandcamp, so grab yourself a copy and listen below!

July 25, 2013


If You Like: Hey Marseilles, Langhorne Slim, The Avett Brothers

Tom Bombadil was a minor character in The Lord Of The Rings, but his last name has lived on to take on another meaning: this band's name. Bombadil is cute and quirky, with music combining folky influences with lush harmonies and simple songwriting. Their newest record, Metrics of Affection, will be released on July 23 and expect them to make some waves. The North Carolina group has been slowly building a strong following with their energetic live shows and charmingly fun three previous albums. Listen to a track and download a free "Pocket Guide" to the band via Noisetrade below.

July 16, 2013


If You Like: Passion Pit, NONONO, Grouplove

LA crew Smallpools may have a claim on the catchiest song of the year. Their debut single "Dreaming" is a slice of perfect electro-pop that will force even the most stubborn of your friends to sing along. Luckily, the rest of the EP (released today) is more of the same: four tracks of danceable, easy to love, synth-filled deliciousness. If you like Passion Pit but get annoyed by the high vocals, this is for you. Currently on tour with Australians San Cisco, try to catch these guys before the wave of fans that are sure to come.

June 26, 2013

Jordan Ruiz

If You Like: James Vincent McMorrow, Ben Howard, Bon Iver

For those rainy nights when you're relaxing at home and need a woodsy singer/songwriter to lull you into a meditative state, you now have a new artist to add to your playlists. Jordan Ruiz has a voice almost exactly like James Vincent McMorrow, and what a compliment that is! His recent Sundial Heart EP is a collection of heart wrenching folk tracks. Perfect for walking through a forest and napping beside a campfire. Beautiful stuff.

You can download his Sundial Heart EP for free at Noisetrade here or listen and download below.

September 14, 2012

Broken Twin

If You Like: Feist, Anthony and the Johnsons

Broken Twin, a female duo from Denmark, has been making waves in the blog-ocean with their classic Scandinavian cold, sparse piano tunes. Their first track, "Out Of Air," features a lonely piano line wandering about, soon joined by tender vocals. On the track "Beaches," it is clear that these women know a lot about restraint. At one point in the song, there is a pause, a long one that tests the listener's patience while making the resolve all the more satisfying. You can also catch them on tour with Jens Lekman. You can stream their whole Hold On To Nothing EP here via Under The Radar.

Out Of Air by Broken Twin
Beaches by Broken Twin

September 13, 2012


If You Like: Daughter, Town Hall, Julia Easterlin, Braids

Justine Bowe, a Tufts University graduate (Go Jumbos!) has adopted the name photocomfort, and the choice couldn't have been more fitting. Her music, a blend of folk-y singer-songwriter fare with pounding drums and fantastic writing is both visual and comforting. Her debut self-titled EP is available for free on her bandcamp and below. The five tracks all maintain a level of poppy energy while never letting your attention wander from her robust voice. She packs quite a punch and her songs will wiggle their way into your head for days. Enjoy!

August 03, 2012


Two hot producers, Hudson Mohawke and Lunice, have combined forces to create something even larger. They go by the name of TNGHT, and have just released an EP of the hardest, heaviest, most intense hip-hop beats I've heard in a while. The five enormous tracks have been making waves that big too. Apparently the duo are being courted by quite a few rappers who want to use some of these beats. And I don't blame them. They are simple, and impossible not to headbang to. Listen to all of "Higher Ground" and a sampler of the whole EP below. Go crazy. 

August 02, 2012

Aunt Martha

When I saw the amazing Delta Rae perform in New York, I got an extra treat when the opener, Aunt Martha, took the stage. The band (nobody is named Martha) drew a small crowd of rabid fans, and their tender acoustic folk stood out. The problem with bands like this is that there are so many that, at first, sound very much alike. And I must admit, Aunt Martha, may sound like one of the pack at first. But give them a deeper listen, and you will be pleasantly surprised. The melodies stick, the vocals never disappoint, and live, they are captivating. Below, you can stream one EP, and download another. Check it out!

July 12, 2012

Reviewed: Dylan Owen

Gramercy Theater, New York, NY

Ever since I downloaded Dylan Owen's latest EP, Keep Your Friends Close, I have been intrigued by the young MC's poetic, powerful rhymes. He has wisdom beyond his years, and a focused seriousness that is hard to find in any musician these days. Last night at the Gramercy Theater, his performance seemed to polarize the audience a bit, separating those with more sophisticated taste from those in attendance simply to hear headliner Watsky crack some jokes. While not everybody seemed prepared for Owen's intense subject matter, those who were were likely thinking the same thing I was: this kid is damn good. 

Opening with the heart-stopping "Bookmarks," Owen plowed through his unfairly short 30 minute set with grace, charisma, and focus. He mostly stuck to his new material, yet he also played a few fan favorites from his previous album, Senioritis. When Owen threw wristbands out into the crowd, an attendee in front of me hit me in the eye trying to grab one. At a normal concert, that would make me pretty pissed, and distract from the music for a minute. But not this time. Not even a hit to the face could take me away from Owen's poetry. 

Listen to the whole EP below and remember, you can download the entire thing for free right here

July 11, 2012

Greylag Look Session - "Tiger"

Greylag, a lovely group we had the pleasure of catching and interviewing at Sasquatch, recorded a Look Session a few weeks ago while in Austin. The video shows a lovely rendition of their tune, "Tiger." Their debut EP, The Only Way To Kill You is out now!

June 26, 2012

Town Hall Plays The Classics, Vol. 1

Town Hall, the adorable indie-folk trio behind one of my favorite albums of the year so far, Roots & Bells, has always had a thing for covers. They have released a whole bunch of videos showing their calm and quiet renditions of everything from R. Kelly to Jimmy Eat World. Luckily, we can now have all of it! They just released Town Hall Plays the Classics, Vol. 1 via Bandcamp. The free EP gives us five of their finest covers and a quite creepy album cover. The release not only showcases the group's chameleon-like genre-crossing skills, but also guitarist Jesse's obsession with R. Kelly. Ever wanted to hear Ja Rule played by a folk group? Well now you can. 

June 08, 2012

The Head And The Heart Chapel Session

One of our favorite blogs, Fuel/Friends, has been recording lovely acoustic sessions with bands that have been going through Colorado. The Chapel has seen some great groups come through, recording beautiful new music along their way. Recently, The Head and the Heart stopped by for the second time, sharing some exciting new material! If you caught the group at Sasquatch and enjoyed the new tunes they played, you can now hear them recorded. Read about the whole session right here, and download the whole thing for free here!

Download The Head and the Heart Chapel Session

May 15, 2012

Field Report Daytrotter Session

Chris Porterfield and the rest of Field Report headed over to Austin, Texas to record a session with Daytrotter. The recordings, including three previously unheard songs and "Fergus Falls," add to their growing catalog, and inspire listeners to have even more hope for the up-and-coming group. Besides the few tracks that have popped up online, not much has been heard from the band until now. So take this opportunity to get acquainted. Download the free session here!

May 14, 2012

Dylan Owen - "In The Corner (feat. Kinetics)" Music Video

Dylan Owen, the New York rapper behind the excellent Keep Your Friends Close EP, has a new music video for the track "In The Corner" featuring Kinetics. The video gives us a glimpse of the young rapper, and how sincere his rhymes are. Remember, the whole EP is available for free right here! Owen represents one of the most promising young voices in rap today. Enjoy!

April 30, 2012

S. Carey - "Two Angles"

S. Carey, the drummer and backup vocalist of Bon Iver, is following up his debut effort, All We Grow, with an EP, Hoyas, out May 8th. The first track, "Two Angles," hints at a much more lush, synth-based sound than his mostly acoustic debut. While maintaining the all consuming calming demeanor of his music, Mr. Carey seems to be branching out. We like it!

S. Carey-"Two Angles"

April 28, 2012

Of Oceans - "Slow"

Of Oceans, one of my preferred ambient electronic producers, has just released another soothing, gorgeous track, "Slow." Designed for relaxing the listener, the track washes over you, and makes it impossible for life not to slow down in those tranquil three minutes. After releasing the incredible Of Oceans EP in 2010 with the standout track "In Love, Not Limbo," the singles that followed failed to provide the same meditative calmness. Luckily, with this new track, the Detroit-based producer has made another gem. Take a listen below, and also hear his latest EP, Introvert. You might wanna lay down for this.

April 23, 2012

Town Hall - Roots & Bells

After the barrage of inventive cover videos and the fantastic EP Town Hall had released, I knew that their debut full length would be a treat. But I was definitely not prepared for exactly what was released last week: one of the most promising folk-pop albums I have heard in a long time. The New York trio of youngsters crafts a uniquely charming brand of folk that makes you want to be their friend and curl up inside their tunes. Powered by the soft harmonies of Stefan Weiner and Phoebe Ryan, and the intricate yet delicate guitar work of Jesse Kranzler, their debut album, Roots & Bells, shows incredible promise. Both voices are beautifully tender, and when combined, weave into the music gently, creating something calming, and captivating.

Although the Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps EP introduced their great sound, they saved some of their finest for the album. "Fix This House" showcases Ryan's stunning Joanna-Newsom-but-less-abrasive voice, as well as the group's creative rhythmic choices. "Mary A. Longden" is the perfect album opener, combining all the members' skills and entertaining lyrics about a woman's mysteriously smooth skin. "Food" is proof enough that Weiner could lead any group with his voice alone, but "Small" says the same exact thing about Ryan. If I haven't convinced you to buy this album yet, let the music do the talking. You won't be disappointed.

Buy Roots & Bells on iTunes/Bandcamp

Town Hall-"Mary A. Longden"
Town Hall-"Fix This House"

March 31, 2012


Siblings who can sing often can create harmonies that are greater than the sum of their parts. The fact that voices can be literally related, while still different, can create the underpinnings of a great band (See The Belle Brigade and The Avett Brothers). After getting a huge amount of buzz with a little help from a tweet by Kesha, LA group HAIM added to their hype by ending up on quite a few Best of SXSW lists. The band, made up of three sisters, mixes R&B vocals with old school rock sounds to create something familiar, yet very intriguing, and stunningly simple. Their debut, Forever EP, is available for free download below. Watch out for these girls; they are still young and have plenty of time to take over.


March 25, 2012

The Morning Benders Change Their Name

The band formerly known as The Morning Benders, the group behind the catchy jam "Excuses," has changed their name to Pop ETC. In light of the name change, the group has released a free mixtape on their new website. Download it here! Also, read their reasoning behind the change here.