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February 29, 2012

James Egbert

I am a big fan of electronic music. But I often get tired of the countless number of producers that don't do anything new with the art. I tend to gravitate to towards the artists that expand the scope of the genre, artists like Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, or Skrillex. That is why I took a liking to James Egbert. After first hearing his Blackhawk EP, I was shocked to find that the young producer had not garnered much attention yet. His four-song EP combines strong melodic components with heavy drops, and dubstep sounds that I have yet to hear anywhere else. The songs are available for free download below. Keep an eye on this guy. He's gonna be big. Enjoy!

February 26, 2012


Between the years of 2003 and 2006, C2C, a group of French DJs reigned supreme by winning the DMC World Team DJ Championship four years in a row. Years later, the quartet has reappeared with their first attempt at producing original music, the Down The Road EP. The EP is one of the most exciting debuts of electronic music I have ever heard. The five tracks all showcase different aspects of their songwriting and feature soul samples, infectious beats, and good old record scratches. The title track, "Down The Road," has been on repeat in my headphones for a solid week now, and I personally challenge any reader of this to listen it without wanting to dance. It is impossible! They even scratch up a harmonica solo! Enjoy the track and take a look at their creative and visually spectacular music video for "F.U.Y.A." below.

C2C-"Down The Road"

Download a Free Andrew Bird EP

Andrew Bird has released a free four song EP that you can download via NoiseTrade. The EP features "Eyeoneye," the lead single from Bird's upcoming release, Break It Yourself, available March 6th. It also includes "The Crown Salesman" and "So Much Wine," tracks from a recently released seven-inch, and "After Dinner Jam," a track that didn't quite make the album. Download the EP for free below, and enjoy!

February 14, 2012

Brother Ali - The Bite Marked Heart EP

Minneapolis Rhymesayers rapper Brother Ali has just dropped a new 7-song EP, titled The Bite Marked Heart! The EP, just in time for Valentine's Day, is available for free download! If you're a fan of his labelmates Atmosphere or Grieves, you'll enjoy this!

January 23, 2012

Town Hall Covers Jimmy Eat World

Town Hall, the group behind the wonderfully charming Tour EP we wrote about a few months ago, has released a fantastic video of them covering Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle". Quieting the song down, and bringing their young charm to the pop hit makes it a cover worth hearing. Also, the group has re-released their Tour EP with new recordings of all the songs! The Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps EP is available for free on their bandcamp and is streaming below! Enjoy!

January 08, 2012

Of Monsters And Men

Of Monsters And Men, undoubtedly the next big thing to come out of Iceland, have acquired a range of very flattering nicknames, ranging from "New Arcade Fire" to "Iceland's Mumford and Sons". The six-piece folk band from Reykjavik truly deserves all the attention. Their sound, with trading male/female vocals can be easily compared to a less hippy-ish Edward Sharpe, but also with a feel that could only come from somewhere with brutal winters. They have recently gained some attention stateside and are in the process of recording their American debut (Their debut in Iceland, My Head Is An Animal, was released in September). Their debut EP, Into The Woods, is an excellent four-song taste of the greatness that will surely come from this group. Take a listen!

Of Monsters And Men-"Little Talks"

Of Monsters And Men-"Six Weeks"

December 24, 2011

Lykke Li - The Lost Sessions Vol. 1

Lykke Li, the Swedish singer-wongwriter behind the great 2011 album, Wounded Rhymes, has just released The Lost Sessions Vol. 1, a collection of three acoustic demos of songs from the album. The cuts are "Youth Knows No Pain," "Jerome," and fan and personal favorite, "I Follow Rivers". Listen below!

November 26, 2011

Delta Spirit: I Think I've Found It EP

San Diego-based Delta Spirit are now allowing fans to download their debut EP, I Think I've Found It, for free! If you enjoy it, you can also download their 2010 EP, Waits Room below. Both EPs are great concise sets that summarize the band's unique blend of rock and soul. Enjoy!

November 23, 2011

Yellow Ostrich Daytrotter Session

Yellow Ostrich have gone and recorded a wonderful session with Daytrotter! They play some awesome classics like "WHALE" and "Mary," but the highlight of the set is "Marathon Runner," a song that we have seen them perform live multiple times. Having become fans of the song live, we have been eager to find a studio quality version of the track, and it has finally arrived. Take a listen and enjoy!

Yellow Ostrich-"Marathon Runner"

November 05, 2011

Town Hall

Town Hall, a young trio from New York, have a name that makes a quick Google search a near impossibility. But their sound does stand out. Their Tour EP is a concise 5 song collection of extremely earnest folk music that is as fun as it is charming. For a limited time, the EP is free on their bandcamp page! Stream it or download it below. It is well worth it. Enjoy!

October 24, 2011

New Decemberists - "E. Watson"

On November 1st, The Decemberists will be releasing a new EP, Long Live The King. It is available for pre-order on The Decemberists' website. The first track off the EP, "E. Watson," is now streaming online! Enjoy!!

In other Decemberists news, multi-instrumentalist Jenny Conlee announced in May that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Last week, Colin Meloy revealed on their website that her cancer is officially in remission! It seems as if she will be back on the road with the group in no time!

The Decemberists-"E. Watson"

October 16, 2011


When seeing Langhorne Slim last week, we were pleasantly surprised by the opener, Matrimony. A five-piece from Charlotte, NC, Matrimony is led by singer/keyboardist Ashlee Hardee Brown and her husband, singer/guitarist James (Jimmy) Brown. Making it a true family band, the two lead vocalists are backed by two of Ashlee's brothers on banjo and bass. Their lively show inspired me to pick up their debut CD, The Storm & The Eye, a conscise 6-track collection of exciting folk-rock with great male-female harmonies. They also have a new single available for free on their bandcamp page. Take a listen and enjoy!

Matrimony-"Obey Your Guns"

Matrimony-"Flee Or Fight"

October 12, 2011

Givers Daytrotter Session

Louisiana crew Givers have just recorded a lovely session with Daytrotter! Recorded today, the set includes live versions of three songs from their debut album. If you enjoy the set, you should also check out the first session they recorded there last year. Enjoy!

October 09, 2011

Matthew And The Atlas

One of the most exciting discoveries I have made in the last few months is the British group Matthew And The Atlas. Playing their own non-American take on Americana, Matthew Hegarty and crew have recorded two exceptional EPs (To The North and Kingdom Of Your Own) and crafted an infectious unique sound. After signing to the awesome British folk label Communion and developing a bit of a following across the pond, they are in the States this fall for an extensive tour (Tour Dates here). Judging by the fact that they recorded one of the best Daytrotter Sessions ever, they are sure to be a great live band. Enjoy!

Matthew And The Atlas-"To The North"

Matthew And The Atlas-"Come Out Of The Woods"

Matthew And The Atlas-"I Followed Fires"

September 30, 2011

New Decemberists EP Announced!

Galley favorites The Decemberists have just announced that they will be releasing a new EP on November 1st! The EP, titled Long Live The King will contain five acoustic tracks recorded at the same time as their last album, The King Is Dead, and a cover of the Grateful Dead song, "Row Jimmy". Get pumped!

September 29, 2011

Sims - Wildlife

Sims, also known as part of rap collective Doomtree, may be the next thing to come out of Minnesota hip-hop. His brand new Wildlife EP stands out with its old school beats and refreshingly genuine and powerful lyrics. Available for free on his bandcamp, the EP includes five tracks that really capture his signature style. If you are a fan of innovative, indie rap, or his better known Doomtree partner P.O.S, you will definitely take a liking to Sims. Enjoy!!

Sims-"The Lighthouse"

Sims-"The Line"

September 14, 2011

Alex Drumm - Empty Rooms EP

Yet another Canadian singer/songwriter, Alex Drumm, breaks the mold a bit. With his debut Empty Rooms EP, available on his bandcamp, Drumm goes for a rough around the edges sound and hits it out of the park. With a sound comparable to Okkervil River and a beautifully unperfect voice, Drumm makes this EP a must-listen. Check it out!

Alex Drumm-"Knight, Death, and the Devil"

Alex Drumm-"Bedspins"