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August 08, 2012

Guide To Outside Lands: Bands You Can't Miss

The 5th annual Outside Lands Music Festival is coming back to Golden Gate Park in only two days! If you're heading to the Bay, here are some suggested acts for you to check out.

The Big Shots:
Neil Young and his associated rock band, Crazy Horse, are bound to put on a show harkening back to classic rock 'n' roll concerts, playing both familiar tunes and songs from their newest album, Americana. Unfortunately, their set conflicts with Justice, the French electronic duo. I have high expectations for this group, whose shows have been described as epic, complete with jumping, dancing fans and crazy light shows. As a compromise, I would suggest seeing the first half of Young's set, and then before you're ready to settle down for the night, head over to Twin Peaks Stage to see the final songs by Justice, which will be familiar dance-heavy beats.

If you feel like letting out your inner metalhead (or if you already are one), get ready to be rocked with an excellent show by the forefathers of the thrash metal scene. The conflicting set is Icelandic band Sigur Ros, which couldn't really play more contrary music. While their recent album Valtari is made up of mostly slow, quiet songs and haunting melodies, the live shows put on by Sigur Ros are supposedly incredible; the band envelopes their audience with beautiful compositions and the soothing voice of the lead singer, Jónsi.

Stevie Wonder is truly a legend, known as one of the "most creative musical figures of the late 20th century," and his music will get you to boogie and jive. The conflicting act is Skrillex, the dubstep, electro house king. Totally different types of music, but both danceable. Just depends on what kind of music you want to dance to!

Other notable acts:
Jack White will, and I repeat, WILL rock you. The man was born to be a performer, and will play most of the classics from his days in the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather, and much of his new music from his debut solo album, Blunderbuss. It is going to be loud, and it is going to be awesome.

This gang of soulful funk musicians will have you grooving to their throwback tunes of the band's debut album, Pickin' Up the Pieces. Both the lead singer, Michael Fitzpatrick, and vocalist Noelle Scaggs are wonderful performers. Having seen this group multiple times, I can assure you that you will not be able to stop dancing during their set.

The talented Dallas Green, who goes by the moniker City and Colour, is sure to mesmerize the crowd with his magnificent singing voice and guitar playing. We have been lucky enough to see this Juno Award-winning Canadian previously in concert. Read our review here!

Joey Youngman, better known by his stage name Wolfgang Gartner, is a Grammy-nominated house music DJ that creates infectious dance beats. His performances are up-beat electronic dance parties, so if you go all out, be prepared for some sore feet the next day. Good thing his set's on the last day!  

Two Gallants
The bluesy indie rock band Two Gallants are San Francisco natives, and are bound to have a devoted crowd at their set. Combined with the band's high-energy music and demeanor, this folk rock duo should present an electrifying act you won't want to miss. The band will most likely playing both old favorites and upcoming tunes due out on their fourth studio album, The Bloom and the Blight, releasing this September. Check out their album trailer below.

Honorable mentions:
- Of Monsters and Men
- Alabama Shakes
- Yellow Ostrich
Read our review of these bands' performances from Sasquatch 2012 here, they are sure to live up to our expectations again!

See Part 1 of our Guide To Outside Lands for bands lower on the bill!

August 07, 2012

Guide To Outside Lands: Bands To Know

With some big name headliners this year at the Outside Lands Music Festival, it's easy to get forget about smaller bands at the bottom of the bill. Never fear, however! Write To The Beat is here to help remind you (and maybe introduce you) to some fabulous bands and artists that are lesser known, but still great!
If you like: The Drums, Portugal. The Man, Girls
PAPA's debut EP, A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, only came out less than a year ago, but this band has been making waves. PAPA has a rough yet lovely, easy-going, surf-rock vibe that brings the California coast to your headphones. I predict that their energized yet simple tunes will gather a fun crowd at the festival.

PAPA - "I Am the Lion King"
If you like: Cut Copy, Holy Ghost, POLIÇA
I have been a fan of Tanlines ever since I heard their dance jam, "Real Life." Since then, I can't help but groove to all the wonderfully energizing beats this Brooklyn duo has continued to produce. Their newest album, Brothers, came out earlier this year, and has given the band a lot of buzz. Jump over to their early afternoon set at the Panhandle Stage on Friday for some great dance time.

Tanlines - "Real Life"

If you like: Pretty Lights, Paper Diamond, MiMOSA
Big Gigantic is referred to as "instrumental livetronica" for a reason. The band combines electronic beats with live drums and saxophone instrumentation. This unique sound allows for stellar live performances, complete with awesome light shows and visuals. Big Gigantic's latest album, Nocturnal, which reached #2 on iTunes electronic charts, is available for free on the band's website here.

Big Gigantic - "The Uprising"

If you like: Said The Whale, Gold Motel, Foster the People
If you're looking for some summery, peppy, catchy music, you've found the right band. Jukebox the Ghost, a Brooklyn-based trio, released their third album Safe Travels earlier this year, and I must say, their music is infectiously happy. See their fun one-take video of "Somebody" here, shot on the Coney Island boardwalk.

Jukebox the Ghost - "Oh, Emily"

If you like: Ben Howard, Amos Lee, Otis Redding
Michael Kiwanuka, an expressive and eloquent singer-songwriter, has a voice that really gets into your soul. This incredibly talented Brit has gotten quite the spotlight after touring as Adele's opener, and truly deserves it. His debut album, Home Again, displays his immense musicality and deep emotion in his songwriting. If you'd like a preview of Kiwanuka live, check out this Take Away Show he did with La Blogotheque, and be ready to be blown away by his set this weekend. 

Michael Kiwanuka - "Home Again"

If you like: Blitzen Trapper, Dawes, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
With a little bit of blues, a tinge of folk, and a lot of rock, Cory Chisel and his band really reflect the age of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and the other legends. You can't help but get inspired by the spirit of these musicians, with some truly great classic rock-style anthems and tender, bluesy ballads. Even though they have an early set time (12PM on Saturday), make sure to get over to the Sutro Stage to see this talented band perform!

Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons - "Born Again"

If you like: Dispatch, G. Love, Jack Johnson
Sean Hayes brings about a romantic, passionate gesture toward music. This soulful singer-songwriter, a San Francisco-based artist, croons with a rough yet entirely soothing warmth that echoes another era. Check out the music video below for his new single, "Miss Her When I'm Gone." His full album, Before We Turn To Dust, is due out September of this year.

Sean Hayes - "Powerful Stuff"

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July 17, 2012

The S.S. Coachella

Coachella's mystery announcement came a bit early today! The concert promoter will not be moving the festival, but instead will begin offering a music cruise, the S.S. Coachella. The lineup is headed by Pulp, Hot Chip, Yeasayer, Girl Talk, James Murphy, and Sleigh Bells with a total of 22 artists on board. There will be two iterations of the journey, one headed towards the Bahamas, and the other to Jamaica. Both cruises will leave from Ft. Lauderdale, FL in December. Interesting, no? Let us know what you think of the idea. 

Tickets go on sale this Saturday. 
All details of the cruise can be found here

July 16, 2012

Coachella Mystery Announcement

In typical Coachella fashion, the largest festival on the West Coast has announced something special: An announcement! Tomorrow at 6PM PDT, something will happen. Of course, the internet will be frantically attempting to predict the announcement until then. Many sources think that the promoters behind the fest, Goldenvoice, may be moving the festival from Indio, CA to a new location. After a bit of conflict with the city a few weeks ago, there were talks of moving the festival but they soon after dissipated. Nobody knows what will come with the announcement. A third weekend? A new location? Early lineup teaser? A second Coachella somewhere else? More tickets released? I guess we will have to wait and see. 


June 25, 2012

Greylag Interview

As we have shown you in previous posts, our Sasquatch experience was made far greater by the opportunity to talk to some great artists while we were there. The final episode of our Sasquatch chats is an interview we did with Greylag, an up and coming group from the Northwest. Their debut EP, The Only Way To Kill You, was awesome, and their live show was too! We chatted with them about their name, geese, how they started playing together, and their favorite inspirations. Check it out!

See our interview with Said The Whale here!

See our interview with Hey Marseilles here!

June 21, 2012

Hey Marseilles Interview

While we were at Sasquatch this past month, we had the honor of chatting with a few of our favorite bands playing the fest! After their main stage set, we caught up with the gents from Hey Marseilles. The awesome folkestral group was a great way to kick off the day and was super friendly! We talked about their work on a new album, their European influences, and their Seattle pride. Enjoy!

See our interview with Said The Whale here

June 19, 2012

Said The Whale Interview

As I have written multiple times, I had a fantastic time at this year's Sasquatch Music Festival. I saw groups that blew me away, surprised me, and made me a new fan. I also had the pleasure of catching up with a few of my favorite groups and asking them some questions. The first band I talked to was Said The Whale, a super-friendly indie-rock group from Vancouver that rocked the Yeti stage to a crowd of raucous fans. We talked about their latest album, Little Mountain, nature, technology, their hometown, and their fellow Canadians. Check it out!

June 02, 2012

Sasquatch 2012: The Good

I don't run. I've never enjoyed it, and I probably never will. But when an obscenely long traffic jam almost caused me to miss the beginning of the Sasquatch Music Festival this past weekend, it seemed like the only option. Leaving the rest of my car-mates, I trekked the endless car line by foot to ensure that I didn't miss a second of the greatest festival in the Northwest. After about 45 minutes of speedwalking, I entered the grounds with sore feet, an overfilled backpack, and a whole lot of excitement. Despite the exhausting and undesirable beginning to the weekend, it didn't take long for the music and overall vibes to win me over.

This year I saw shows that were awe-inspiring (Bon Iver), rock-your-socks-off heavy (Jack White), and rife with Canadians (Hey Rosetta! and Said The Whale). I witnessed a new British invasion of songwriters (Ben Howard and Dry The River), the latest phenomenon from Iceland (Of Monsters and Men), and the next great actor turned musician (John Reilly). With a backdrop that was constantly lauded by artists as the most beautiful venue they had ever seen, Sasquatch is truly a unique festival experience. Combine The Gorge with the inherent friendliness of Northwesterners, the beautiful weather, and a superb lineup, and out comes one of the finest music festivals in the country.

See all of our photos here.



Walking into the festival to the infectious beat of "Pass You By" instantly put a smile on my face. The very first artist to perform on the new, and very intimate "Maine" Stage, Scribes treated those in attendance to a lively set of some of the hottest rhymes coming out of the Northwest. Although many would-be-attendees were painfully stuck in traffic, Scribes drew all the folks who wanted to squeeze every last minute out of the weekend, as well as those who were ready to party early.

Of Monsters and Men

Iceland's latest import was the clear fan favorite on Friday, drawing an enormous, and very lively crowd to the mainstage fairly early on the first day. While thousands of attendees were still in line to enter the grounds, those lucky enough to make it in time were busy jumping around to the group's fun Arcade-Fire-meets-Edward-Sharpe sound. Lucky for die hard fans, they also played a mini set in the acoustic tent, proving that they can rock stages large and small.

Said The Whale

Definitely the sweetest Canadians we met all weekend, Said The Whale put on a rousing show, drawing a large crowd of fellow Vancouverites. Ben Worcester and Tyler Bancroft's trading vocals sound even better together, and the crazy, spastic drums of Nathan Shaw keep the show exciting. They sing about nature an awful lot, and there isn't really a better place to talk about beautiful nature than The Gorge.

Alabama Shakes

Saying that the Bigfoot Stage was packed for this show would be an understatement. Everyone who has seen a music blog in the last year was at this show to witness Brittany Howard tear the place down. The group was as tight as could be, letting Howard own the spotlight with her phenomenal voice. It is one of those voices that sounds like it could knock you over with one yell, yet she doesn't abuse it. She doesn't let loose all the time, making it all the more amazing when she does.

Dry The River

One of the most pleasant surprises of the weekend, Britain's Dry The River captured the hearts of all at the Yeti Stage with their unique blend of folk and hard rock. After seeing a bit of their opening set for Bowerbirds a few months ago, I came away with mixed feelings about their loud folk sound. But thankfully, I gave them another chance. Seeing their full set, and the sheer variety of their talents, made the show one of the best of the day.

Jack White

Mr. White had a stage presence unmatched the entire weekend. He commanded the crowd with his madman-like persona and broad setlist. Playing songs from The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather, and his solo album, White kept the night exciting, and loud. One of the most epic moments of the festival came after he closed the set with "Seven Nation Army." While the band stopped playing, the crowd of 20,000+ could not stop chanting the melody.

Hey Marseilles

The seven gents in Hey Marseilles had a tough opening noon slot on the mainstage, but they made the best of it. Their mellow folkestral tunes were a perfect way to start the day. Lead singer Matt Bishop's voice translated beautifully live, and they ran through tracks from their debut album, To Travels & Trunks, with grace. It was nice to see such a friendly bunch of musicians, as well as such a nice blend of folk and classical instruments.

Hey Rosetta!

I arrived at their performance with high expectations, after I heard fans raving about their live show all day. It only took one song for me to realize they were right. Hordes of Canadians came out to catch their hometown heros, and to watch frontman Tim Baker's howl echo across the Gorge. Fueled by rabid fans, the group rocked harder than expected, especially on material from their latest album, the magnificent Seeds. Watch out America!

The Head and the Heart

I have seen The Head and the Heart four times now, and this performance, their second in a row at Sasquatch, was the best. After performing at the Gorge for the first time last year, the group was back in their home state for a victory lap. Drawing an expected enormous crowd, and earning a great slot opening for Beirut, the crew played most of their beautiful debut album, as well as two great new tracks (you can hear them on their recent Fuel/Friends Chapel Session).


Beirut is widely considered one of the best live bands around these days, and they lived up to their reputation. Zach Condon, and a very mismatched looking backing band powered through hit after hit, spanning their entire career. With the great Perrin Cloutier on the accordion, they sounded sophisticated, professional, and so so good.

Bon Iver

At least a dozen times during Bon Iver's headlining set, the crowd was so deafening that I truly could not hear myself. Unlike most fans who chose to express their excitement by screaming their lungs out, I was too much in awe to make any noise at all. Instead, I watched in silence, trying to squeeze every last instant out of the best show of the weekend. Justin Vernon, with a very large backing band consisting of two drummers, two guitarists, two horn players, a bassist, and some multi-instrumentalists, played a powerful set including his entire new album, as well as most of his debut. For songs off For Emma, he opted for a fuller sound than on the record and it worked better than I expected. For the stunning "Blood Bank," the track was transformed into a huge production, that had an absolutely gorgeous, enormous sound. Vernon's voice, even more pure in a live setting, caused almost everyone in attendance to tear up at some point, whether it was during "Skinny Love" or "Re: Stacks." This show could not have been better. Vernon himself put it best when after opening with "Perth" he chuckled, "This is pretty fucking cool." We agree.

Ben Howard

I, along with a large portion of the Sasquatch crowd, was very excited to see what British songsmith Ben Howard would be like on stage. While technical difficulties cut his set time down to a paltry 25 minutes, he made the best of it, leading the crowd through sing-alongs, and inspiring every single fan to wait around. His acoustic tunes will no doubt be making waves in America soon.

John Reilly and Friends

It is safe to say that the large majority of the crowd that showed up to see John Reilly, wanted to see Dewey Cox, the country musician character he played in the movie Walk Hard. But Reilly, who has quite a good voice, as well as stage presence, took the music seriously. Luckily for fans of his movies, he sported his Dewey Cox guitar, and had plenty of jokes about Sasquatch at the ready, giving the crowd lots of laughs. Reilly's self-proclaimed reason for being there was to publicize the artists he was performing with, his 'friends'. And it worked! His fellow performers, Tom Brosseau and Becky Stark provided excellent backup vocals and made the show awfully cute.

Tenacious D

This performance, while I thought I knew what I was in for, was a huge surprise. Because the funniest part of this comedy act is the lyrics, which are often hard to discern live, I wasn't expecting much. But the sheer stage presence of Jack Black and Kyle Gass led to one of the most exciting performances all weekend. With a giant penis shaped "Fenix" on stage with them, they romped around stage, having a shred battle with a Sasquatch, and being attacked by a space squid. You can't not be entertained by that.

See all of our photos here
Photos by Rachel Fidler and Jonah Ollman

May 22, 2012

Guide To Sasquatch: Festival Ins and Outs

For all those Sasquatch rookies out there, here's a little info about the fest, where to be, and what to avoid.

The Acoustic Tent

Last year, one of my favorite surprises was the Acoustic Tent, situated right in the middle of the festival grounds. Simply by scanning a bar code with your smart phone and entering your e-mail address, you can win access to the tent for the whole day. Many bands, before they perform their full sets, stop by the tent to play for 15 minutes or so to about a hundred lucky fans. Last year, I was able to catch intimate shows from The Decemberists, Givers, Foster The People, Flogging Molly and Fitz and the Tantrums. Keep an eye out this year for how to gain entry. It's well worth your while.

The Walk

For Sasquatch first-timers, keep something in mind. If your favorite band is playing at 1:30, don't leave you tent at 1:25. The walk, from the average camping site into the festival, can take up to 20 minutes in crowds. And that won't be a happy 20 minutes if you miss bands you want to see. Just by entering the festival early last year, you might be surprised by some bands you don't know yet, and you have a greater chance of getting in the prized acoustic tent.

The Stages:

Sasquatch Stage

The Sasquatch Stage, of course, is where the big guys play. Sasquatch has a unique feature here though: the view. While watching any group perform at this stage, you will have the pleasure of seeing the beautiful Columbia River in the background. If you're tired, I recommend setting down a blanket on one of the amphitheater's grassy ledges and camping out to watch great act after great act. For those of you who need to be close to the stage, luckily, the main stage at Sasquatch due to its size and layout, is very easily accessible. It is often very easy to get a great spot for some awesome bands.

Bigfoot Stage

The Bigfoot Stage is the second largest stage at The Gorge, and this year, will host The Roots, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Tune-Yards, Alabama Shakes, and many more. Situated right near the entrance to the fest, Bigfoot is a great place to catch a glimpse of an act you're unfamiliar with on your way in or out of the grounds.

Yeti Stage

The Yeti Stage is the smallest stage at the festival, which means it is a great place to go if you want a great view of some of the smaller bands on the bill. This year, Dry The River, Honeyhoney, Hey Rosetta!, Said The Whale, and many more will grace this little stage with their presence. 

Banana Shack

The Banana Shack is a large tented stage that is reserved for electronic acts and comedy. The innovative lighting rigs always make it a perfect place to dance the night away. This year, Portlandia, James Murphy, Nero, Wolfgang Gartner, Beats Antique, Apparat, and more will pay a visit to the Shack. 

The "Maine" Stage

This stage is brand new this year. The sole purpose of the "Maine" Stage is to get young Northwest hip-hop artists attention. With Seattle hip-hop getting lots of attention these days thanks to artists like Blue Scholars and Macklemore, dozens of other artists are waiting in the wings. The Physics, Sol, Scribes, Grynch, and other locals will hoping to build some buzz after their performance at The Gorge.

Most importantly, relax, have fun, and enjoy all the great things Sasquatch has to offer.

Austin City Limits Lineup Announced

Austin City Limits has just announced their lineup for 2012. The festival will take place at Zilker Park from October 12-14. Headlining the festival are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and The Black Keys. Also playing the fest will be Jack White, Florence + The Machine, The Avett Brothers, Avicii, Bassnectar, The Roots, The Shins, The Civil Wars, M83, Childish Gambino, Andrew Bird, Delta Spirit, Alabama Shakes, M. Ward, Big Gigantic, Michael Kiwanuka, Ben Howard, The Lumineers, First Aid Kit, Dry The River, and many many more.

See the complete lineup here.

May 21, 2012

Guide To Sasquatch: Set-Time Conflicts and What To Do

One of the biggest drawbacks of any large festival is that it is impossible to see all the acts. This year, Sasquatch, with five stages including the new "Maine" Stage, has its fair share of difficult conflicts. Here are some of the most cringe-worthy examples and a little help choosing where to go.

Yellow Ostrich vs. HoneyHoney

Our Pick: Either group will be a fantastic kick-off to the weekend. Having seen Yellow Ostrich a few times, I will be at the Yeti Stage with HoneyHoney. If you haven't seen either one, Yellow Ostrich wins by a hair.

Girl Talk vs. Explosions In The Sky vs. Beats Antique

Our Pick: This choice completely depends on how you want to dance. Each of these acts are likely to put you in some sort of trance. Girl Talk will keep you dancing your ass off all night, Explosions in the Sky will wow you with their epic post-rock glory, and Beats Antique will amaze you with their exotic electro-world beats. We say catch the beginning of Girl Talk, then hop on over to Beats Antique if you want to keep dancing, or Explosions in the Sky if you're ready to wind down.

The Civil Wars vs. Alabama Shakes vs. Portlandia

Our Pick: This is a tough one. Considering it is primarily a music festival, I would suggest either The Civil Wars of Alabama Shakes. Having seen The Civil Wars twice, I will be watching the Shakes, but either way, you are guaranteed to be blown away. There's really no wrong choice here.

Kurt Vile vs. Dry The River vs. Sol

Our Pick: If you are a fan of soul-rap: Sol. If you want to hear a British group's take on folk with hardcore influences: Dry The River. If you do not fit in the first two categories: Kurt Vile

Hey Marseilles vs. Greylag

Our Pick: Hey Marseilles. It's a bummer to miss Greylag, but Hey Marseilles, with their huge orchestral sound are sure to be a hit. Also, their slot at noon on Sunday gives fans a chance to see them away from the evening crowds.

Bon Iver vs. James Murphy

Our Pick: Bon Iver. Do we really need to explain? James Murphy may be an icon, but he will still be up on stage turning knobs. We suggest laying down on the lawn, staring up at the night sky, and letting Justin Vernon's falsetto sweeten your Sunday evening.

Beck vs. Mogwai vs. Nero

Our Pick: Some of everything. Luckily, Mogwai and Nero both begin their sets half an hour before Beck's. Mogwai have announced that this tour will be their last before an extended hiatus, so if you're a fan, this may be your last chance to see the Scottish crew for a while. Nero is likely to pack the Banana Shack more than anyone this weekend, and with good reason. We recommend catching the beginning of either Mogwai or Nero, heading over to Beck for a while, and if it is not to your liking, you have two great shows to go back to!

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May 18, 2012

Guide To Sasquatch: Bands To Know

While hopefully most of you have heard of the excellent groups headlining the festival this year, there are dozens of great acts lower on the poster too! We've put together a list of some groups that deserve serious attention before the fest. Who knows, they may become your new favorites!

Alabama Shakes

Few bands in recent memory have generated as much buzz as Alabama Shakes. The soul-rock group has stunned audiences at SXSW and CMJ with their powerful genre-blending, and Brittany Howard, one of the strongest frontwomen in music today. Keep an eye out for their huge foot-stomping sound. 

Alabama Shakes-"Hold On"
Said The Whale

Based in Vancouver, BC, Said The Whale will be pretty close to home when they visit The Gorge. With their latest album, Little Mountain, the rockers combined powerful choruses with strong harmonies, and bring to mind Manchester Orchestra (if they sang about nature more). After winning the hearts of Canadians and a Juno Award last year, America is next.

Said The Whale-"Camilo (The Magician)"
Hey Rosetta!

Another Canadian group, Hey Rosetta! have a rough, yet beautiful sound. Their latest album, Seeds, blends rock, pop, and folk, while keeping memorable melodies and fantastic songwriting. Incorporating violin and cello into their sound, the band's work makes for a unique blend that I expect to translate very well on stage.

Hey Rosetta!-"Seeds"
Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich, a trio from Wisconsin, is most definitely a Write To The Beat favorite. Frontman Alex Schaaf experiments with vocal looping to give the small group a huge sound. After their debut album, The Mistress, gained them an underground following, they followed it up with Strange Land, a disc that fleshed out their sound without compromising the charm and excitement captured on all their music. Supported by fantastic drummer Michael Tapper, the band shows no sign of slowing down. On stage, they are even better, and witnessing Schaaf's vocal looping live makes it even more exciting.

Yellow Ostrich-"Marathon Runner"
Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles call themselves folkestral (folk + orchestral), and that short description couldn't be more accurate. The Seattle-based folk group incorporates strings, horns, and a large sound into their French-inspired tunes. Behind the tender voice of Matt Bishop, the instrumentation is inventive and fantastic. The group is touring behind To Travels & Trunks, a collection of some of the most exciting folk music around. I wouldn't be surprised if the group also gives us a peek at a rumored upcoming album!

Hey Marseilles-"To Travels & Trunks"
Dry The River

With an opening slot on Bowerbirds' latest tour, and the brand new album, Shallow Bed, Dry The River has been storming the US with their British take on folk music. Inspired by hardcore bands as well, their live show may be surprisingly loud for a group that sounds so soft on record. But where they shine is where they open up, getting loud while maintaining their folk roots. 

Dry The River-"History Book"
The Physics, Sol, and Scribes
While the "Maine" Stage lineup is filled with local up-and-coming hip-hop acts, The Physics, Sol, and Scribes stand out as the strongest artists on that bill.

The Physics produce a unique blend of soul, R&B, and rap, making their music lively, and always fun.

The Physics-"After Effect (feat. Grynch)"

Sol is a soul-rapper who's smoke-inspired rhymes has a clever, poppy, and smooth flow

Sol-"Not The One"

Scribes is another up-and-comer who has garnered attention with his melodic, driving beats that lay underneath heartfelt, sharp rhymes.

Scribes-"Pass You By"

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