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July 23, 2013

Mettro - "You"

I recently struck up a conversation with Steffen Paust, a writer over at Sound of Aarhus, a great blog that focuses on local music from the lovely Danish city. We decided to exchange some music, and in the shuffle, out came Mettro.

Writer: Steffen Paust

The young boys have previously visited major festivals like Skive Festival, Bork Music Festival, DMF festival, Den Grimmeste Festival and Samsø Festival, and Their fans include prominent names such as Mattias Kolstrup - lead singer of Dúné!

"I believe that there will soon be a new Skive-based band with potential" Mattias earlier said to Fyns Amts Avis.

Mettro is not an entirely new phenomenon in the Danish underground scene in Skive, where they have played countless times. They also provided top entertainment, in places like Train in Aarhus and Band Battle where they both won the competition and the Radio Skive price. In addition to this they also won Gym spot in 2012 where they received laudatory words from the many judges, which was not a second of doubt about their choice.

Last month the band released their new single “YOU," featured above.

July 15, 2013

Songs For A Midnight Sun: The Scandinavian Mixtape

Album Art by Brian Holmes

For decades, Scandinavia has produced some of the catchiest, most interesting, exciting music in the world. Think ABBA, Björk, Ace of Base, and more recently, The Tallest Man On Earth, The Knife, or  Swedish House Mafia. The music created in the chilly nations in Northern Europe has a distinct minimalist quality to it, and is often able to capture melody like no other music can. As you read this, the Scandinavian music scene is stronger than ever, and filled to the brim with exciting new artists. Consider this mixtape a little primer on the most promising music from the region.

P.S. I know Iceland technically isn't part of Scandinavia, but I put it in anyways. They know their stuff!

1. Highasakite - "Indian Summer"
2. MØ - "Pilgrim"
3. Kill J - "Phoenix"
4. Kate Boy - "The Way We Are"
5. Tove Lo - "Habits"
6. NONONO - "Pumpin' Blood"
7. jj - "Fågelsången"
8. Indians - "I Am Haunted"
9. Åsgeir Trausti - "King And Cross"
10. Little Dragon - "Twice"
11. Broken Twin - "Out Of Air"
12. Joppe - "Orbit"
13. Mettro - "You"
14. Fallulah - "Out Of It"
15. Béatrice Eli - "It's Over"
16. When Saints Go Machine - "Infinity Killer"
17. Sailor & I - "Tough Love"
18. Pascal Pinon - "Årstíðir"

Download the whole mixtape here!

If that link does not work, try this one.

If any artist would like their song removed from the mixtape, please email me at and the song will be promptly removed.