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October 16, 2012

Tunesday: Zeds Dead - "You And I (feat. Omar Linx)"

Zeds Dead, an electronic duo from Toronto, Canada, takes their name from a Pulp Fiction quote. Pretty cool, I know. The two guys have done a huge range of remixes, varying from Bon Iver's "Woods" to The Roots, "Dear God 2.0." My personal favorite, however, is a track they made with rapper Omar Linx. His gravelly voice flows well over smooth synths and a beautifully sung chorus about a failing relationship. This song sets a pretty sad tone, but it does it so so well. 

Zeds Dead-"You & I (feat. Omar Linx)"

October 09, 2012

Tunesday: Ana Tijoux - "1977"

If You Like: Bomba Estéreo, Calle 13

I may not understand every word of Ana Tijoux's raps, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy. The French-Chilean rapper drips with urban soul and attitude and her track "1977" melds Spanish horns with a loungy beat. While not many Spanish-language artists break into the American rap market, her sound can resonate with hip-hop heads everywhere.

Check out her debut album here, and her newest release, La Balahere .

Ana Tijoux-"1977"

October 02, 2012

Tunesday: Balto - "The Railyard"

If You Like: The Tallest Man On Earth, James Vincent McMorrow

Balto is not named after the famous sled dog, but they still sing about epic Northern adventure. The group's debut album, October's Road tells the story of a man's self-imposed exile to Siberia. The entire album induces chills and weaves an intricate, beautiful story. "The Railyard," filled with a sense of doubt and hope, displays this perfectly. For the next few weeks, you can download the whole album here for only $2! Their new EP, Monuments, was also released a few weeks back. Check it!

Balto-"The Railyard"

September 26, 2012

Tunesday: When In Rome - "The Promise"

If You Like: a-ha, Icehouse, Erasure, Naked Eyes

I first heard this song, the perfect bromance tune, at camp. The stadium drums, epic synths, and operatic vocals make this a great driving in the car with your buddies sing-a-long. It gained modern popularity when it was featured in quirky comedy Napoleon Dynamite, but this is a song to jam to for ages. Enjoy this blast from the past. 

When In Rome-"The Promise"

September 18, 2012

Tunesday: Victor Wooten - "Victa"

If You Like: Jaco Pastorius, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

Victor Wooten, one of the most influential bassists to walk the Earth, has a bit of an ego. On his track "Victa," he makes the keen observation that his name also means 'winner.' While the lyrics are hilariously cocky, man, this song is funky. His bass skills are undeniable, even if you think he's a bit of a jerk. All in all, this song is definitely a fun listen. Choice quote: "I'm so finger funkin' good". Yeah. He said that in a song. 

Victor Wooten-"Victa"

September 12, 2012

Tunesday: State Radio - "Keepsake"

The TV show Weeds has always been a great source of quirky music spanning all genres. A few years back, an episode ended with a heart-wrenching folk song about death. That song has stuck with me for years and is still one of my favorite sad songs. The group, State Radio, is headed by Chad Urmston, a member of Dispatch. While most of their tracks have a reggae feel, "Keepsake" is a chilly folk song that won't come out of your head. 

State Radio-"Keepsake"

September 04, 2012

Tunesday: Ellie Goulding - "Your Song (Blackmill Remix)"

Ellie Goulding has been dipping her toe into electronic territory with her new singles, probably influenced quite a bit by her boyfriend Skrillex. But long before they were dating, she sang a cover of Elton John's "Your Song" that got the dubstep treatment. Liquid dubstep producer Blackmill chopped it up, added some wobbling bass, a clackety beat, and catchy synths. An extremely tasteful, well-done remix of an already lovely song.

Ellie Goulding-"Your Song (Blackmill Remix)"

August 28, 2012

Tunesday: WHY? - "The Vowels, Pt. 2

If you try to Google the band Why? you may have some difficulty. But once you find their music you it will all be worth it. Dubbed as a indie hip-hop group from Berkeley, CA, the band has a constantly evolving sound. They released their new Sod In The Seed EP a few weeks back and will drop a new full length album, Mumps, etc.  on October 9th. In the meantime, take a listen to my personal favorite song of theirs, "The Vowels, Pt. 2" from their 2008 album Alopecia. It includes plenty of their signature drawl, as well as an awesome chain snare sound.

Why?-"The Vowels, Pt. 2"

August 21, 2012

Tunesday: Katy Perry - "E.T. (Noisia Remix)"

I wouldn't call myself a Katy Perry fan, but a while ago, I heard a song that made me doubt myself. Her Kanye West-starring hit "E.T." was remixed by Dutch trio NOISIA (For a neat trick, rotate your screen 180° and see what their name is now!). The resulting track blew my mind. It takes the song, smashes it up, and adds one of the largest drops known to man. While it may be embarrassing to blast Katy Perry in the car, this will be worth it. 

Katy Perry-"E.T. (Noisia Remix)"

August 14, 2012

Tunesday: P.O.S. - "Purexed"

If you like: Astronautalis, Grieves, Blueprint
P.O.S. is not your average rapper. His introspective, poetic flow earned him a spot on Atmosphere's Rhymesayers label, he heads the increasingly popular Doomtree collective, and his work combines punk instrumentals with his raps. The result is some of the most visceral, intelligent music out there. His track "Purexed" from his 2009 album Never Better is P.O.S. at his finest. If you like it, he will be releasing a new album, We Don't Even Live Here, on October 23rd.


August 08, 2012

Tunesday: Grynch - "My Volvo"

If you like: Macklemore, Scribes, Sol
Young Seattle MC Grynch loves his car and he wants you to know about it. Even though it's an old, rickety 1986 Volvo 240 DL. On his track "My Volvo" he talks about the endearing, frustrating, and downright terrible aspects of his ride. The subject matter may seem silly at first, the song is actually pretty touching and works surprisingly well. And the track has some serious swagger. If any of you out there drive a Volvo, you now have an anthem to bump with the windows down. The video also features some of Seattle's finest MC's, with cameos by Macklemore, Sol, Fatal Lucciano, and more. Happy Tunesday!

Grynch-"My Volvo"

July 31, 2012

Tunesday: Tyler Lyle - "When I Say That I Love You"

This is the first post in a new series called Tunesday! Each Tuesday, I will feature a single track that has not appeared on the site before. The song can be from any time, genre, place, or artist. These are just damn good songs that deserve some serious attention. Enjoy!

There's no better song to kick off this series than Tyler Lyle's "When I Say That I Love You." This track is capable of stopping you in your tracks, listen after listen. This version, the one recorded for a Fuel/Friends Chapel Session back in March, consists of just Lyle's voice, guitar, and a quiet violin. His voice is literally perfect, and tugs at your heart strings as he sings about a love he has to leave. It is beautifully bittersweet. Enjoy.

Tyler Lyle-"When I Say That I Love You"