February 29, 2012

James Egbert

I am a big fan of electronic music. But I often get tired of the countless number of producers that don't do anything new with the art. I tend to gravitate to towards the artists that expand the scope of the genre, artists like Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, or Skrillex. That is why I took a liking to James Egbert. After first hearing his Blackhawk EP, I was shocked to find that the young producer had not garnered much attention yet. His four-song EP combines strong melodic components with heavy drops, and dubstep sounds that I have yet to hear anywhere else. The songs are available for free download below. Keep an eye on this guy. He's gonna be big. Enjoy!

Good Old War Behind The Scenes Video

Good Old War, the guys behind the recent single, "Can't Go Home," have given us an inside look into the studio as they prepare to release their album. The video below follows the group as they talk about the recording process for Come Back As Rain, and give us sneak peeks at a few of the new tracks. Enjoy!

February 28, 2012

Plants and Animals - The End Of That

Canadian rockers Plants and Animals are back with their third full length, The End Of That. With this effort, the group solidly continues along their modern, classic rock path, not straying too far away from their roots. The first track, "Before," showcases the group's soft side, while hard-hitters like "Why & Why" and "Control Me," show the fellows loosening up a bit. The lead single, "Lightshow," is clearly the standout track, bringing all the trio's sounds together. The rest of the album, especially "2010," a seemingly very forced song about the end of the year, stumbles. Propelled by the strong single, the album is worth a listen, but "Lightshow," and the great music video for it, provide the listener with the best four minutes of the disc. Unfortunately, this does not seem like a step forward for the group, yet it is unlikely to drive any fans away. The End Of That isn't actually the end of anything. It is simply a sidestep. 

Plants and Animals-"Why & Why"

February 27, 2012

Stream Andrew Bird's New Album

Andrew Bird will be releasing his upcoming album, Break It Yourself, on March 6th! Before you buy, however, the kind man has allowed NPR to stream his album in its entirety! Check it out and enjoy!

Stream Break It Yourself here!

Stream Delta Spirit's New Album

San Diego-based Delta Spirit, wil be releasing their self-titled third album on March 13th. After hearing only the first single, "California," we were already excited. The band gave us even more reason to pine for the release when they said "We found the sound that we've been looking for, that we've been growing into, and as soon as we hit on it, we ran with it. That’s why it's a self-titled record, so we could connect our identity with the album, because this album is what we think Delta Spirit is. People make records for their time, and we wanted to make one for our time."

Stream the album in its entirety here!

Bon Iver - "Towers" Music Video

Bon Iver has released another gorgeous, soothing video from his latest record, Bon Iver. The clip, for "Towers," follows an old man on his journey out to sea. The song will be released as a single on March 6th, along with a previously unreleased track, "Bruised Orange (Chain Of Sorrow)". Also, check out the group's tour dates below. Enjoy!

February 26, 2012


Between the years of 2003 and 2006, C2C, a group of French DJs reigned supreme by winning the DMC World Team DJ Championship four years in a row. Years later, the quartet has reappeared with their first attempt at producing original music, the Down The Road EP. The EP is one of the most exciting debuts of electronic music I have ever heard. The five tracks all showcase different aspects of their songwriting and feature soul samples, infectious beats, and good old record scratches. The title track, "Down The Road," has been on repeat in my headphones for a solid week now, and I personally challenge any reader of this to listen it without wanting to dance. It is impossible! They even scratch up a harmonica solo! Enjoy the track and take a look at their creative and visually spectacular music video for "F.U.Y.A." below.

C2C-"Down The Road"